God Lives in Georgetown by Peter Higgins
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God Lives in Georgetown

Higgins’s new book is God Lives in Georgetown, a Look at His Many Houses of Worship in 2023.

Higgins documents the worship habits, the key locations, and the important changes affecting Georgetown. To highlight the drama, he provides insight into the numerous forces-of-change to include the Revolutionary War, Slavery, the Civil War, Segregation, and Gentrification. He shows the flow of religious issues from the days of slavery to today’s gender-related issues.

The details include the movement of some Black Georgetown congregations to the suburbs in Maryland; and the re-use of church buildings, e.g., the transformation of one into a condominium and additional accounts of others having new houses of worship take them over.

Higgins traces 49 different Houses of Worship from 1766 through mid 2023, including African Methodist Episcopal, Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Dharmic (Hindu), Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Muslim, and Presbyterian.

The Book is a compliment to his earlier book Buried in Georgetown

Buried in Georgetown
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Buried in Georgetown

In 2013, I started out to write a book: God Lives in Georgetown, A Brief Look at His Many Houses. Over the next few years, I clipped news stories, collected history material from church web sites, and photographed the exteriors of many of the churches – one of which is now a condominium. In the process I learned a lot about the Black community of Georgetown, the timing and other aspects of the emancipation of slaves in DC by Congress before Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, the history of the Black Churches and cemeteries, etc. And I learned a lot about my city in the process.

Eventually, I realized there was an overwhelming amount of information and separated the material into two books in 2019. The first one, published 23 June 2022, is about the cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds of Georgetown. Starting in the late 1700 there have been 14 such formal places (plus more than a handful of private / family burial grounds on family property).

This book is entitled Buried in Georgetown and covers 15 cemeteries to include one private burial spot (that of Yarrow Mamout – a remarkable man and story). Currently there are 4 cemeteries still operational. The book also highlights some events in the history of Georgetown from the1740s through the 1890s! It is available as an 11” X 8.5” format Print-on-Demand book, a Kindle e-Book, etc. available from Amazon at:

I hope that some of you might enjoy reading this 68-page book with tables, pictures, and maps; followed by 22 pages with the Bibliography, Researchers of Note, Acknowledgements, two Appendices, and 55 endnotes. If you were to read it and enjoy it, a written comment about it on the Amazon Website, might help me sell some copies.

History of the Religious Women of Holy Trinity’s Schools

We have co-authored several books and in March 2019 we self-published a new book to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the schools of my parish and the 225th anniversary of the parish itself. Holy Trinity Parish Georgetown, Washington, DC. History of the Religious Women of Holy Trinity’s School. This 8.5″ X 11” book’s 24 pages include excerpts from numerous historical documents and several photographs. A free PDF copy is available at this link – click here or on the picture of the book.

A History of the Westchester Cooperative and Its Neighbors

Prior to that the most recent book was released in June 2018: A History of the Westchester Cooperative and Its Neighbors, published by DogEar Publishing it is currently available directly from the author, Peter T. Higgins. Click on the book cover and an email to the author will be auto-generated, you can ask about the book or order this $24.95 book via that email.

This book traces the history of 27 acres in Cathedral Heights, NW Washington, DC from the early 1700s through the late 1980s. The research started to trace the history of just the 3900 Watson Place N. W Inc. Cooperative where the author has lived for 17 plus years. During the research the focus switched to the land under the cooperative and its neighbors – from the early 1700s on. One interesting fact discovered through research: the land was the site of a Georgetown City Council powder magazine in the 1820s.

The land changed from a cattle farm to just under 1,000 housing units starting in the late 1920s. The initial change was the 1930 building of the Westchester Apartments and the impact of the Depression. All of the other buildings on that land (3900 Watson Place, The Cathedral West, The Colonnade, and the Ginger Elkins subdivision) were built in 1960 through 1968. But a lot of interesting history was made in the intervening 28 years (1931-1959).

To compliment the text there are 50 illustrations (maps, color photographs, and newspaper clippings) spread throughout the 81 pages in the book. The book can be ordered from the author.

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Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)

2004 Peter T. Higgins and Kathleen M. Higgins coauthors: Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) with Peter Komarinski and Lisa Fox (Published by Elsevier Academic Press).


Images of America – Cleveland Park

2003 Kelton C. Higgins coauthor: Images of America – Cleveland Park with Paul K. Williams (Published by Arcadia Publishing.)


Biometrics – Identity Assurance in the Information Age

2002 Peter T. Higgins coauthor: Biometrics – Identity Assurance in the Information Age with John Woodward and Nick Orlans (Published by Osborne, a Division of McGraw Hill.) Buy NOW