About Peter

Peter Higgins has served as a member of several voluntary science and criminal justice committees and subcommittees – as well as lectured at numerous schools and conferences. Currently Mr. Higgins serves on one advisory board. Previously he served on the Board of Directors of two corporations, each of which was sold to a larger corporation while he served on the Board.

His education includes: a BA in Mathematics – Marist College; an MS in Mathematics with the Computer Science Option – Stevens Institute of Technology; and numerous short courses at, among other institutions, the UCLA Extension School (to include Electro-Optical System Design & Charge Coupled Device Technology).

Mr. Higgins lectured at UCLA Extension School for several years (2001 – 2006) with Dr. J. L. Wayman and Ken Moses in presenting a 40-hour course entitled Biometric Identification: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications.

He has also lectured as an invited speaker at the Naval Academy, Princeton University, the George Washington University, Ohio University – Athens, and numerous technical conferences.

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