Scientific & Advisory  Activities

Peter Higgins has served as a member of several voluntary science and criminal justice committees and subcommittees - as well as lectured at numerous schools and conferences. Currently Mr. Higgins serves on one advisory board. Previously he served on the Board of Directors of two corporations, each of which was sold to a larger corporation while he served on the Board. 

His education includes: a BA in Mathematics - Marist College; an MS in Mathematics with the Computer Science Option - Stevens Institute of Technology; and numerous short courses at, among other institutions, the UCLA Extension School (to include Electro-Optical System Design & Charge Coupled Device Technology). 

Mr. Higgins lectured at UCLA Extension School for several years (2001 - 2006) with Dr. J. L. Wayman and Ken Moses in presenting a 40-hour course entitled Biometric Identification: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications. 

He has also lectured as an invited speaker at the Naval Academy, Princeton University, the George Washington University, Ohio University – Athens, and numerous technical conferences.

Current activities include:

  • 2017    Invited to membership on The Marist College Criminal Justice Department Advisory Board - still serving in 2020

Previous activities included:

  • 2017     Invited to membership on the International Association for Identification's (IAI) Biometrics Information Services Subcommittee 
  • 2015    Selected by the National Academies Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences’ Laboratory Assessment Board to participate as a member of their panel to assess the scientific and technical work performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Information Technology Laboratory (ITL).
  • 2014    Selected to serve as a member of the IT/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee’s (SAC’s) Speaker Recognition Subcommittee within the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). He was then elected as Executive Secretary of the Subcommittee. Please visit the OSAC web site for more information:      
  • 2013    Founding Member of the Scientific Working Group for Forensic and Investigative Speaker Recognition (SWG-Speaker).
  • 2013    Invited to membership on the IAI's Probability Modeling: Training and Evaluation Committee - he served as a member through August 2015. 
  • 2010    Invited to chair the IAI’s Biometrics Information Services Subcommittee and to membership of the IAI’s Science & Practice Committee. Reselected in 2011 to chair the subcommittee again - he then served as a member through August 2015. 
  • 2009    Invited to chair the Use Case Committee for the FBI and NIST’s Interagency Symposium for Investigatory Voice Biometrics.
  • 2008    Invited to membership in the Department of Justice / National Institute of Justice’s AFIS Interoperability Experts Panel – a multi-year effort.
  • 2008    Invited to present an Introduction to Biometrics at the US Government Biometric Consortium conference - 7th year in a row.
  • 2007    Invited expert witness before the National Academy Of Science’s Committee on Identifying the Needs of the Forensic Sciences Community. Resulted in the 2009 report Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward.
  • 2006    Active membership (one of six members) in the UK Home Office / Identification and Passport Services’ Biometric Assurance Group (UK BAG) through the completion of the BAG’s work in June 2009. Her Majesty’s Chief Scientist chaired the quarterly meetings of the BAG.
  • 2004    Invited participant in the multi-year US National Research Council study, Whither Biometrics? Significant report, Biometric Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities, issued by the National Research Council in September 2010.
  • 2003     Invited participant in the US National Science Foundation sponsored Workshop on Future Biometric Research Directions.
  • 2001     Invited lecturer – UCLA Extension School Biometric Identification: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications (invited back in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, & 2006 – as a part time Instructor – rated in the top 10% of instructors each year.)
  • 1997    First Selected as Chair of the IAI’s Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) Committee. (Reselected annually as Chair through July 2000.) 
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