We have co-authored several books and in March 2019 we self-published a new book to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the schools of my parish and the 225th anniversary of the parish itself. Holy Trinity Parish Georgetown, Washington, DC.  History of the Religious Women of Holy Trinity’s School. This 8.5" X 11” book's 24 pages include excerpts from numerous historical documents and several photographs. The introduction sums up the scope: 

Since 1818 four religious orders of sisters have taught school at Holy Trinity. Initially, in 1818, the Sisters of the Visitation taught girls and starting in 1902 the Sisters of Mercy started teaching boys. In the interim, between 1818 and 1902, Jesuit Brothers taught the boys. When the new school buildings opened in 1918 they were co-ed and the teachers were primarily sisters augmented over time by lay teachers.

This document traces the four orders that provided sisters to teach and administer our schools. Betsy Morgan Moyer’s 1993 History of Holy Trinity School traces the broad history of the schools. This document fills in the details about the sisters who were instrumental in educating our children and running our schools – they taught our children and enriched our lives.

There were four orders of sisters involved and each of them contributed information to assist in preparing this document:

·      Sisters of the Visitation 1818-1918

·      Sisters of Mercy 1902-1905 and 1918-1969

·      Sisters of Providence 1905-1918

·      Sisters of St. Joseph 1968 -1999 (teaching) 1998-2016 (other work)

Prior to that the most recent book was released in June 2018:  A History of the Westchester Cooperative and Its Neighbors, published by DogEar Publishing currently  available directly from the author, Peter T. Higgins. See “Contact Us” for an email address to order this $24.95 book. 

This book traces the history of 27 acres in Cathedral Heights, NW Washington, DC from the early 1700s through the late 1980s. The research started to trace the history of the 3900 Watson Place N. W Inc. Cooperative where the author has lived for 17 plus years. During the research the focus switched to the land under the cooperative and its neighbors - from the early 1700s on. One interesting fact discovered through research: the land was the site of a Georgetown City Council powder magazine in the 1820s. 

The land changed from a cattle farm to just under 1,000 housing units starting in the late 1920s. The initial change was the 1930 building of the Westchester Apartments and the impact of the Depression. All of the other buildings on that land (3900 Watson Place, The Cathedral West, The Colonnade, and the Ginger Elkins subdivision) were built in 1960 through 1968. But a lot of interesting history was made in the intervening 28 years (1931-1959): The Westchester was sold twice and then converted into a Cooperative;  the ownership was explicitly questioned by President F D Roosevelt in the 1940s; the newspaper delivery boy of the 1940s went on to become a multi-billionaire; and a set of gates were imported from England to grace the campus entrance in the 1950s. 

The first 20 pages of the book are the early history of the land including the 1921 purchase of the land by William Kennedy of Kennedy-Warren fame; then there are 16 pages on the history of the Westchester Cooperative; followed by 32 pages on the 3900 Watson Place Cooperative, The Cathedral West, The Colonnade, and the Ginger Elkins subdivision; a brief conclusion; and 6 pages of appendices. To compliment the text there are 50 illustrations (maps, color photographs, and newspaper clippings) spread throughout the 81 pages in the book. 

The following book covers are hyperlinked to web sites where the books can be purchased. Just click on a book cover image and you’ll go to the website where you can order a copy of that specific book:

2004    Peter T. Higgins and Kathleen M. Higgins coauthors: Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) with Peter Komarinski and Lisa Fox (Published by Elsevier Academic Press.)

2003    Kelton C. Higgins coauthor: Images of America - Cleveland Park with Paul K. Williams (Published by Arcadia Publishing.)

2002     Peter T. Higgins coauthor: Biometrics – Identity Assurance in the Information Age with John Woodward and Nick Orlans (Published by Osborne, a Division of McGraw Hill.)


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